Jeff Beukeboom 1989 - 1990 Edmonton Oilers

Player: Jeff Beukeboom
Team: Edmonton Oilers
League: NHL
Tagging: 89 -90 /2
Year: 1998 - 1990
Set: blue set 2
Acquired from: Meigray
LOA: Meigray
Owner: SP

This is a blue set 2 #6 Jeff Beukeboom Edmonton Oilers jersey. This jersey shows good wear. It has a big unrepaired cut on the back. The fighting strap well washed and the buttons are rusted and salty. The left sleeve shows puck and stickmarks, unrepaired holes and 1 team repair.The right sleeve shows 3 teamrepairs and stickmarks. The neck is also teamrepaired. The collar ist still ripped. There is something like a bloddstain or rust on the breast logo. 


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