Craig MacTavish 1991 - 1992 Edmonton Oilers

Player: Craig Mac Tavish
Team: Edmonton Oilers
League: NHL
Tagging: handwritten 1 91/92
Year: 1991 - 1992
Set: white set 1
Size: 52
Acquired from: Collector
LOA: Meigray
Owner: DL

This is white set 1 #14 Craig MacTavish Edmonton Oilers jersey. The jersey shows very good wear. All over the jersey there are stick and puckmarks. On the left sleeve there are 5 team repairs and boardburns plus painttransfer. The right sleeve shows 1 teamrepair and some boardburns. There also 2 unrepaired holes. Bloodstains are all over the right side (from sleeve to hem). On the breast are also smaller bloodstains. The "A" is stiched on, but not in the regular way. There is also the 75 NHL patch stiched on.


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