Brendan Shanahan 1998 - 1999 Detroit Red Wings

Player: Brendan Shanahan
Team: Detroit Red Wings
League: NHL
Tagging: 1998-1999 Authentic 1st set
Year: 1998 - 1999
Set: white set 1
Size: 56
Patches: A
Acquired from: Meigray
LOA: Meigray & Hockeytown
Owner: SP

This is a white #14 Brendan Shanahan Detroit Red Wings jersey. The jersey exhibits good wear. It has mutiple stick marks on the lower front and on the breast. On the left sleeve there are smaler stickmarks. There is dirt on the back near to the shoulder. On the right sleeve there is a big stick or puckmark in the "4". The jersey has an assistant "A" on sewn on the breast. The sleeves are costum shortend. There is handwritten "2" on the Nike shield inside the jersey.


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