Eric Lindros 1999 - 2000 Philadelphia Flyers

Player: Eric Lindros
Team: Philidelphia Flyers
League: NHL
Tagging: autoŽd inside
Year: 1999 - 2000
Size: 58
Patches: "C" & NHL 2000
Acquired from: Milton Byron
LOA: Milton Byron
Owner: DL

This is an orange #88 Eric Lindros Philadelphia Flyers jersey. The jersey shows nice wear. The right sleeve exhibits boardburns, many stick and puckmarks, some paintransfer and dirt. The left sleeve exhibits dirt, stick and puckmars. On both back # the jersey exhibts stickmarks. On the front of the jersey exhibits one big stickmark. The captains "C" and the "NHL2000" patch are sewn on the breast. Inside the jersey there the typical autographs.


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